The Mecklenburg Lake District offers you a holiday with many experiences and surprises. 1117 natural lakes form the largest, networked water sports center in Europe, and in the middle of Müritz. The Müritz nationalpark with UNESCO World Nature Heritage and 4 other natural parks offers great leisure opportunities. Manor and manor houses characterize the unique historical cultural landscape. Treat yourself to your personal happiness and discover for yourself what makes the land of the 1000 lakes so unique for everyone.

The city at the Müritz has been attracting attention for almost a hundred years: bathing, hiking, water-skiing, nowhere more beautiful than in Waren. This was the long-standing advertising of the "Verkehrsverein Waren (Mueritz)" since the 1920s. A slogan more than ever, applies today to the pearl on the Müritz.

Health resort Waren (Müritz)

Waren (Müritz) lies on the "Kleinen Meer", that means "little lake". Because nothing else means the Slavic translation of the word "Müritz".

Müritz nationalpark

In the Müritz nationalpark nature can develop according to its own rules. Forests, lakes and moors form a breathtaking backdrop.